Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spring Cleaning - Ground Zero - Destroy...

I've decided to start my Spring cleaning next week.  I know it isn't Spring yet, but my hope is to be finis...done...wrapped up...

before Spring fever triggers my compulsion to head outdoors and play in the dirt! Thus, cleaning or anything remotely associated with it will be forsaken while I chase more pleasurable pursuits in my flower beds.  

With all this scrubbing, washing and polishing on my mind, I got to wondering where this torturous activity was devised that we called, "Spring Cleaning".  

Apparently one of the historical Spring cleaning rites originated with the ancient Jews who, at Passover, cleansed their homes of any scrap or trace of leavened foodstuffs during the holiday in honour and remembrance of their escape from captivity in Egypt.  

Also, in early North America and Northern Europe, March was chosen because it was the first warmer month after a closed up winter in which doors and windows could be flung wide, thereby allowing high winds to thoroughly dust out the house.  Also, daylight hours were getting longer, affording a better view for properly cleaning grungy nooks and crannies.  But, I neither worry about yeast crumbs or dark winter days so...

I mean really... I clean my home all year long...shouldn't that be sufficient? could be.  It should be.  For some folks it most definitely is enough, but... persnickety self will not allow me to ignore the cobwebby corners, dusty nether regions or hidden fragments of something or other absolutely no one notices, but me.

So, I organize my buckets, mops, rags, brooms and various magical potions that will find, capture and destroy any mold, mildew, dust mites or germy germs that try to hide from my crazy self!

Armed for battle I attack room by room; washing walls, clearing out closets, scrubbing floors, light fixtures, drawers, cupboards and so on and so on and so on until...

Viola!  Perfection!  

Well...not really...

Cos no matter how compulsive we are or how wacko-doodle we behave there is virtually no home that is totally and utterly clean!  Noppers!  Even the cleanest house harbours those illusive germs that gather and grow after midnight.  Well...actually all the time!

Didja know places like faucet aerators grow gazillions of black, moldy bugs?  Or handles on the fridge, doors, cupboards or toilet tank test positively all the time for those germs?

And OMGoodness!  What about that no-mans land above the cupboards?  How often do we look there...honestly!  Jet tubs that never, I mean ever, get the jet pipes blown out by disinfectant!  Or how about...electronics like the TV remote, keyboard, iPhone, etc??  But...most of all...the biggest germy germ in your home is...


Yes, you who works so darn hard to Spring clean bring in bugs all the time, depositing them here, there, everywhere!  However..

the good news is that we don't need or want a sterile environment.  It is far more healthier for our immune system to be exposed to some germs so, go ahead, scrub, polish and shine away.  Your home may never be completely spotless, but ohhh...what a great feeling when the Spring cleaning is over and everything looks and smells so clean!

Now, get outside and play in the dirt!  It'll definitely keep you healthier!


Toodle Loo!

Friday, February 7, 2014

What do you Bring...

Miss J and I have often discussed (we don't talk or visit, we discuss!) that the type of emotional energy you bring into a room is your responsibility.  I believe this is true.  The attitude I bring with me can and often will effect how others will be affected.  Bad mood, good mood, depressed, joyful...will affect my experience and anyone else who is within spitting distance.  So, we should care.  We should wish to bring light, not darkness into this world.

We should care, but we don't always.

Years ago I ran a small coffee shop and I recall how one of my employees (and friends) could be very careless about how she'd approach work.  When happy she was delightful to be around and extremely pleasant and helpful toward customers, but when she had troubles, well let's just say; everyone paid! I was forced to sit her down and explain that although I really did care about her difficulties and after work we could have a "bitch and moan" session to her heart's delight, but...  when she crossed the threshold into work she HAD to leave her issues outside and be pleasant and agreeable.

I explained that our customers don't care about the reasons for her bad mood and nor did they deserve the fallout.  It didn't matter if she was hurt, angry or depressed; customers came in to get a coffee and perhaps, a donut, not to be subjected to her dark mood.  She must leave it outside and put on a "happy face"!  Harsh maybe, true yes!

I didn't think about it as being responsible for "the energy" she brought into the workplace, but that's exactly what I was asking.  Move over Oprah, I said it first!  Ha ha

Anyway, I digress.

Having said this and believing that we are responsible for the energy we bring into a room; what about those who well...

Don't give a damn?   What are we suppose to do with that?

If we're responsible for the energy we bring into a room, are we also, responsible for how we ALLOW someone's negative energy to affect us?

I say, yes we are...

We can't always pick and choose were we will be; certain situations such as our workplace or family gatherings may have "Negative Nellie's" surrounding us.  We can't avoid naysayers, yet we can decide not to allow their negativity to be a downer.  It is a challenge to rise above it.  Darkness constantly tries to swallow the light, but...

I heard this quote many years ago and it's worth it in your conscious, when you encounter negative people, you'll have a method to fight back...

When there are two rooms side by side; one in darkness and one in light and a door is opened between them, the room with light will ALWAYS spill into the dark room...never, ever will the darkness fill the lighted room.  Remember this.

Even if you are the only light in a negative environment you can refuse to allow the darkness to affect you and you will prevail.  In fact, you may even lift everyone else above the gloom.  Darkness cannot stand up to the light!

Always try to be a light...


Ta ta!