Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday...

There are many things in life one can't put a price tag on.  Things like:
  • smelling and hearing rain
  • the first snowfall
  • the smell of fresh bread baking
  • coming home, finding the house tidy and dinner waiting
  • the look of a loved one sleeping
  • a hug from your mother (how I miss these)
  • laughing crazily with a dear friend
  • going for a cruise with your beloved, taking all the back roads, to nowhere in particular
  • a hot, bubbly jet tub when your body feels like broken glass
  • clean PJ's and a freshly made bed
But few things compare with spending the day with your grandchildren...

What price to pay for a day filled with "Toopy and Binoo"...

or building a makeshift car from a cardboard box... (too embarrassed to post pic!)
Then ending your day with a hotch podge group of friends to share stories and laughter??
There are few perfect days in life and yesterday was no exception, but gosh, it was nearly so...
See later, gator!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What this Old Broad knows for Sure aka Wednesday's Wisdom...

What I know for sure is sometimes my head hurts like HE...double hockey sticks and...

my mind can be just too, too busy!  Yuppers, that would be me some days.

So, what to do, what to do?  Suffer? Egads!  Tell me no!  So, how does one shut off an overly busy mind and have some peace?  I've tried meditating and although relaxing, I just couldn't get the hang of it.  Possibly because my left brain kicks in and I start analyzing the in and outs of meditating; whether there is any real credence to it or what would happen if I actually did completely let go?

Would my mind travel to another dimension...or get lost and never return? (which some say may have already happened!)

There are a myriad ways whose chief claim to fame is to relax us. Things like deep breathing, yoga, massage, Tai Chi or reading uplifting books. All these methods have merit and I already do some of them, but they are only effective insofar as my busy brain lets them.

Wouldn't it have been nice if God had designed us with an on/off switch. In fact, wouldn't it be nice to have a snooze, refresh, hibernate and yes...even a mute switch.

Imagine if this were a reality!  You're in the middle of a stressful situation and you hit snooze...

You're sooo weary, but have tons of things left to do so, you hit refresh...

You're talking too much and can't seem to quit so, on goes mute...

Or, best of all, if you've had enough of the demands of work, family, etc. so, you go into hibernate...

Ahhh yes...I know for sure switches would make life so much simpler, but alas, it's not to be...So, excuse me for now, while I go!

After awhile crocodile...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Tid Bits...

A Dead Celebrity Party...

Miss J. & her hubby, Quick Draw, held a "Dead Celebrity" party this weekend.

 Hubby and I were designated Babysitters and Bottle Washers (by our own desire) so, we didn't attend this particular get-together.

You may ask...

 "What the %$)*!! is a "Dead Celebrity" party...

Well, it was the brain storm of Miss J and I have no idea were she got the idea, but apparently it was a hit.
There were quite a few dead celebrities in attendance including;
  • Johnny & June Carter Cash
  • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
  • John Wayne
  • Jimmy Dean
  • Jackie Gleason & Audrey Meadows
  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Elizabeth Montgomery
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Heath Ledger
  • Brian Wilson (mistake made - Brian is NOT the Beach Boy who is dead, rather it's Dennis Wilson)
Quite an eclectic group wouldn't you say?  Imagine if the real McCoy's were actually at this party?  The glamour of Liz Taylor & Audrey Hepburn mixed with a Beach Boy? Elizabeth Mongomery making magic with Jimmy Dean??  Heath Ledger (as The Joker) chatting up the Duke & June? Or Ralph & Alice (aka Jackie & Audrey) making merry with Jackie O??  Hmmmm...
Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash

Audrey Hepburn & Brian Wilson

Elizabeth Montgomery & Jimmy Dean

Jackie 0 & The Duke

The Honeymooners
Heath ledger (Joker) & Liz Taylor
 Toodle Loo!!
Party Photos couresty of Milestone Moments Photography -

Monday, February 25, 2013

Mindful Mondays...

Lately, I've been asking myself two questions...

First, what am I waiting on?
Second, am I mindful of all God's blessings in my life?

Honestly, I spend much too much time in self-defeating inner talk...

You know what I mean; the endless tapes that roll around our minds playing the same old pessimistic messages:
  • I'm never going to amount to anything
  • I'm useless
  • my life is a mess
  • I'm depressed
  • It's too late
These tapes run incessantly...

One of the world's solutions in overcoming these negative messages is by repeating positive affirmations. You know how it goes; I'm good enough, I'm special enough, I'm smart enough and doggone it people like me...

This remedy is all well and good, but in many cases it just puts a band-aid on the bigger problem. 

The real issue is what we truly believe! 

I mean the deep in your gut belief.  The raw, unvarnished, not-so-pretty truth.  We can spout all the fluffy stuff we want to, but if our words don't match our spirit, well... it just won't succeed.

God is waiting, too...

waiting for us to believe that in Jesus we are "good enough"... waiting for us to remember all the blessings already given to us and...

all the blessings just waiting for us.

So what am I waiting for???

Friday, February 22, 2013

Wildcard Friday...

I like to fix candles...don't know why, can't understand it, but I find it very therapeutic, calming, relaxing...

almost has much as the candle burning.  Weird, huh?

I've been asking myself lately why, oh why, we so often give up doing things we once enjoyed?

Okay, I get that I probably had to quit playing Barbie sometime before I became an adult, which...

by the way, another joy of getting older, is being able to play with my littlest granddaughter (Kit Kat) and once again enjoying Barbie!!

But even as an adult, I quit so many things throughout the years. A few of these are...
  • building puzzles
  • playing baseball
  • skating
  • tobogganing
  • making snow angels
  • hosting get together's
  • date nights (preferably) with Hubby  LOL!
  • going for long cruises in the car (preferably with Hubby)
  • taking photographs
  • concerts
  • games night
Some of these I probably shouldn't do anymore due to a back injury (no, I don't mean building puzzles!!) and some I may have to go at slower than I did when I was younger (like getting up from the snow after making an angel!).

Perhaps, I need to reassess my life and take time to restore some of these activities into my life. Afterall, there's nothing like getting older and fully realizing how short a time we really do have here.

I think it's time to dig out those old snow pants, go to a concert with Hubby, buy a puzzle and plan a shindig. Heh, maybe I could do this all in one event??  Imagine how much fun...

it would be to invite everyone to bring their snow pants and come over to make snow angels, then build a puzzle, then go to a concert with Hubby and me!!  Hmmmm...

Yippee Ki-yay!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What this Old Broad knows for Sure aka Wednesday's Wisdom...

I'm late getting this post done, but I'm an Old Broad, slow and slower...ahhh what can I say?

You get what you get!  LOL

What I know for sure is that getting older can suck, but it can also, fill me with gratitude over stuff I can get away with now that I'd never try when I was younger.  For instance...

being older means I can choose to follow my youngest granddaughter, Kit Kat's fashion sense...yes, indeedy...

Check this out. Is this a fashion statement or what??

Shoes matching sundress...matching t-shirt...matching hat...matching fishing pole!!  All this glory is then topped off with dark tights!  Wowzers!  Is this not a great look for any Granny???


The other thing I know for sure is that many folks as they grow older seem to become one of 2 ways; the righteously indignant type or the tolerant forgiving type.

I don't understand the righteously indignant sort.  These are the old folks that especially grieve the youth, but are generally overly principled and judgemental.  You hear them saying things like; "Well, I never did things like that!"  "What is wrong with the young people today!" or  "Can you believe so and so did such in such?"


How long does one have to live...

How many life experiences does one have to go through...

to gain some empathy, acceptance and tolerance???

Donja think?


One more thang...

I know for sure lots of folks complain there is nothing but junk, garbage and crapola on television these days.

Ain't nothin' like the good ole' days...right?


I agree there were some darn fine shows from yesteryear, but there are some darn fine shows today, too.  I'm not going to name any shows because everyone has their own distinct taste in T.V. viewing, but...

to claim there is nothing worth watching these days, tells me some individual agendas must be intentionally looking for bad T.V.

Just saying...

Toodle Loo Kangeroo!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday's Tid Bits...

Some interesting (at least, I think so) price comparisons over the years just to give you all an idea how much inflation gouges us!
Disclaimer: The prices are mostly from the U.S.A.  Canadian prices would be somewhat higher, but comparable.

McDonald's Big Mac

Big Mac 1967:  0.45

Big Mac 1975:  0.65

Big Mac 1979:  0.95

Big Mac 1995:  $1.99

Big Mac 2007:  $3.22

Some fun (?) facts from 1980:
Note: Most Imperial measurements
Postage stamp:  0.15     Wow!
Bread:                0.48     Double Wow!!
Milk/gal:            1.60     Wowzers!
Gas/litre:             .27      Holy Cow!   ($1.03/Gal  U.S.)
Car:                   5413.    OMGoodness!
New House:     86,159.    El Cheapo!
Income:           11,321.   Try making it on this today!
Comments in Italics my own.

There you have it...interestin' donja think?

A remarkable likeness...

I went bowling Sunday...

Yuppers, you heard me right. I haven't been bowling in about 7 years and my hips and back want to thank me! 

And yes, I know it's Tuesday, two full days later, but I'm still hurting in places that are illegal and immoral.

I shoulda went to church; I think it woulda hurt much less to take a spiritual beating...
The following is the first official portrait done of the Duchess of Cambridge or Princess Kate...

I wonder what is your initial reaction?

Kate looks older and very, very matronly.  In fact, I'd say she looks extremely sombre, as if she were at a funeral.  Or worse, pretentious and snotty. Or...
as my Dear old Mama use to say, "Like she has a brick up her butt!"  I think the following is more "our" Kate...
and the artist should have tried to capture this look instead. 
 Honestly, I wonder if the palace chose the same artist for Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee protrait???
Just sayin'...
And finally...

Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen?  Ahhhhh...



Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mindful Monday's...

I am a closet hoarder...

I don't mean I have 5 feet of trash stacked everywhere in my home with winding tunnels throughout.  We, who have watched the television show, have witnessed this horrendous display.  No, I am a closet hoarder...literally!

Closet #1: The Bedroom Closet
Several years ago, Hubby was sweet enough to expand our master bedroom and add a walk-in closet. Nice...right?  Well, not has just allowed me to store even more "stuff". 

Nothing says hoarding like clothes that date back several decades. There!  I admit it!  I have 80's, 90's and 2010 clothes all chronologically (this was neither by intent or design) hanging in my wardrobe.  Why, oh why??

It's not that any of these decades were my glory years which woulda been the 70's when I was young, single and childless.  I can't even say for sure, for sure, there isn't some hidden 70's fashion atrocity  groovin' around in the back of the closet...and

it's not like I'd dare to wear any of this outdated garb, except to a retro party.  I can't even explain why I keep all this obsolete outerwear except my pathological need to hang onto the past.

May the decades of big hair, stirrup pants, dazzling mismatched colors and boxy shoulders never see the light of day again!! Plu...eeze!

Closet # 2:  The Coat Closet

Once again the fashion police have not busted this closet and my hoarding tendencies have been left to reign terror!  There are coats, scarves and single mittens (even one rabbit fur mitten - OMGoodness!) cluttering up this space.  Again, I can only think it must be my love/hate relationship with the past that prevents me from relinquishing these (uhmmm?) treasures.

Closet # 3: The Kitchen Closet

This closet may seem to make sense on the surface, but if you dig dee... deep...deeper...not so much...

Yes, indeedy...I save all kinds of bread bags, grocery bags, cleaning rags and questionable items of this and that.

I know lots of people save a few of these items for practical purposes such as recycling, save the planet and all that jazz.  This is good and makes sense.  However...

I swear I have bags, rags and other odds and ends (yes, even a bingo dabber) that date back 20 years.  I am NOT kidding!

I keep the grocery bags inside a big red plastic bag that I haven't seen the bottom of in recent memory.  It's been soooo long, I'm afraid to look.  Who knows what I might find?  Perhaps a tiny mouse skeleton?  A one dollar bill?  My Great, Great Grandmother's wooden dentures??? 

Who knows?  And I ain't about to check it either!  So, you see, I have crossed the line somewhere in the 80's from being a kumbaya environmentalist to a freaky closet hoarder...

Should I seek therapy?  Is this sickness gonna grow worse as I age?  Will I start hoarding things like empty Bic lighters?  Honestly, I can already see this disease spreading into my junk drawer where I've saved (hoarded) countless empty pill bottles!!  Eeeek! Maybe it's already too late for me?!!

Save yourselves before it's too late; get busy clearing out those closets!!

Toodle Loo Kangaroo!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Wildcard Friday...

My rant of the week...

I am so tired...

worn out...


and fed up... with today's attempt at manufacturing the fountain of youth, immortality or whatever you wanna call it.  Are we boomers so afraid of letting go of our reign that we must lie about aging??  And what about how we redefine aging by calling...

80 the "New" 60...

60 the "New" 40...

I call it a bunch of "I can't believe anyone buys this crap"!

What is death called???  The "New" 90???

My second grievance (or B with an itch) are the 20-something models advertising anti-aging products.  Plu-eeze!!  Why, oh why, do the advertisers do this?  Do they honesty believe anyone buys this BS??

obviously, someone is buying it because anti-aging skin care is a booming, multi-billion dollar industry!  Do you believe this?!

Nuff said...
One more thing...

I love to write...

I discovered this when I was 12. It started with poetry; silly, sappy and slightly moronic poems that I shared with my Dad (another wannabe writer).  I think he appreciated them or at least, he had the good grace to pretend.

After my poetry phase the writing bug caught me and I wrote whatever and whenever I could.  Long letters to family and friends, journal after journal and occasionally even efforts to get published (to no avail I might add). 

I also, love to read and this is where my problems began.  I wanted so badly for so long to sell novels and become rich and famous; just like my favorite authors.  Could I have chosen a more delusional and brazen undertaking?

Of course, I failed. I wasn't writing from the heart anymore.  My eyes were on the prize, not on the writing itself.  Then brokenhearted and discouraged, I stopped trying and except for personal journals, I didn't write for a long time.  Then Oldest Daughter, discovered blogging (her blog is here) and told me about it.

Blogging?? What the heck is this new-fangled thang???

It took me awhile and a few trial runs, but finally I'm writing just because I love to write.  No more delusions about becoming world famous or gaining great wealth, although I could still take it! LOL

Do I want folks to read my blog?  Sure. Would it be great if my blog got well known?  Sure.  But none of this is the end goal and if my blog never gets well known (which is the likely scenario) that`s okay.

 Dear readers, if this old broad can give you a tiny bit of advice it would be; write from your heart, write because you love it, find your voice and the readers will follow (literally! LOL).
Tha...Tha...That`s all folks!
Happy Friday...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday...

My Valentines love letter to you.

I did not know I wanted or needed you. I did not know my life was incomplete.  Until...

The first time I met you and gazed into your eyes, I knew it was love. When I first held you close and felt the beating of your heart; both our hearts becoming one, I knew...

we'd be forever connected.

As I got to know you with all your little quirks and habits, my love grew deeper and fuller. The years flew by too quickly.  There are so many good memories of our laughter and joy. In the course of all life's ups and downs, I knew we'd see it through together.

You learned from me and I...

discovered most of my greatest life lessons through you.

My life could never be more fulfilled than the times we've spent as one; you own my heart, you gave me reason to live.  I love all you were and all you've become.

My Valentine...

My heart...

My child...

I love you more...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What this Old Broad Knows for Sure aka Wednesday's Wisdom...

I know for sure that family doesn't necessarily mean blood related and...

sad to say, blood related doesn't always feel like family.

I have a bunch of sons, daughters and grandchildren that are not blood related, but children of my heart. These added to my blood family have truly rounded out my life in a most perfect way.

This I know for sure!


Yesterday was "Lets Talk" day sponsored by Bell to open conversation around mental health issues. A great idea...

but I know for sure it'll take this and much more to remove the stigma surrounding mental health.  No matter how much our rational mind tells us, it's no different than having a physical illness or injury, it is difficult and embarrassing to admit.

I also, know for sure that most of us know or will know of someone in our life that will suffer from a mental health issue. Or not...

Not because there isn't anyone, but because despite all the efforts to make mental health issues mainstream, we still feel like a failure...

or a freak...or crazy...
I know for sure habits are hard to break or replace.  The longer we've had the habit, the more difficult. Some habits are not so bad, but others such as...
  • smoking
  • drinking
  • drugs
  • alcohol
  • gambling
can be devastating to our health and wellbeing.  We know it, yet so often our efforts to stop are met with some kind of demonic power to continue. We make excuses, rationalize, cover-up and make up all kinds of justifications.

Why is it sooo hard when we really know better???
 That's it...that's all...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Mindful Monday's...

A Cookie Tale: by BJMorden

Okay, who hasn't done this...

I decided to make some oatmeal cookies today. Yummy in my tummy...

I was gathering the ingredients when I discovered that the cupboard where the oatmeal is kept was (in my judgement) a disgusting mess!  Not really...but it makes this pathetic tale sound more sane.

So, I did what any reasonable person might do, hauling out every single this and that from the offending cupboard. Yuppers, what should have taken 30 seconds turned into a very lengthy project.

By the time I'd finished checking, washing, sorting and whatever else I thought was necessary; I was pooped.

Now I must recharge before I can make those &0!#% oatmeal cookies!
In keeping with the above mentioned tale, here are a list of huge time wasters that keep us from living our best life...
  1. TV -  If we're selective and view in moderate amounts TV can be both entertaining and informative, however, how many times have you mindlessly wasted an entire evening viewing crap??  Much better to read a good book, call a friend , play a skilled game or why not get more shut eye??
  2. Cleaning -  I know cleanliness is next to Godliness, but all you clean freaks out there already know how much time is wasted washing, dusting, polishing and organizing.  STOP IT!  Go play with your kids...
  3. Social Media - LIMIT FACE BOOK!!
  4. Grooming -  I'm all in for personal hygiene, but if you are taking 5 times longer (or more) than everyone else, you may have a problem.  No one needs to be that high maintenance...
These are just a few time wasters to think about; they eat up valuable seconds, minutes, hours, days of our life. No one, not even you, can afford to lose that much...
Tha...tha...that's all folks!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Wildcard Friday...

The other day, Youngest Daughter accused me of being a Type A personality. Her exact words were; "You are sooo type A!"

Well, far be it from me to argue (Huh huh), but I've never considered myself a Type A anything, let alone my personality. So, I argued...then

I googled.
What I found was a description of both Type A and B Personalities.  It is a theory that originally arose in the 1950's describing the 2 most common personalty types. I have highlighted in red the traits from both of these types that I believe to be mine.
Type A
  • ambitious
  • highly organized
  • status conscious
  • sensitive
  • a caregiver
  • truthful
  • impatient
  • always trying to help others
  • take on more than they can handle
  • want others to get to the point
  • proactive
  • obsessed with time management
  • workaholics
Type B
  • work steady
  • enjoy achievement, but not stressed about it
  • don't mind losing
  • enjoy something or back out
  • creative
  • enjoy change
  • reflective both inner and outer worlds
  • waste time
It seems I'm equal on both personality types.  I know some of these seem contradictory such as being highly organized and a time waster, but it's true about me.  I do want everything in it's place and get anxious when things are messy and disorganized. Yet, I am a world-class procrastinator.  I do prefer others to get to the point, but for the most part I am patient (years of caring for the elderly AND having children) trained me to be.

In fairness, I'd say I was far less of a type B when I was younger so, this theory also, proves we grow and change with age. So, am I a type A personality as Youngest Daughter claims?  Yes and no.

Just call me a creature of contradictions and say...

We both won!  Heh, maybe I do mind losing...

Boo Hoo!

It seems the MLA's won't be getting their raise this year. Ahhh...

Premier Allison Redford stated that given the fact Albertans must accept making tough financial choices because of the predicted 6 billion dollar revenue shortfall it would be ludicrous to give MLA's a raise.

No foolin'...

She is right! Who of us peasants will be getting much of a raise this year??
Besides the average annual MLA salary is $156,311 plus perks.  I'd say that's pretty good cash for a job we put them in. Huh uh...

Apparently, Premier Redford tweeted this decision prematurely, which put  the opposition all up in arms.  Plu...eeze!!  Do they have nothing better to do than incessantly get their panties in a knot every time Premier Redford makes a move??

If you're interested in more details (hmmm..) here is the link:


For those who have children who were born in 2007 and registered in minor hockey, check out the following website:!/ChevroletSafeandFunHockey/app_412888055463291

If you don't mind going through a wee bit of trouble, you can get a FREE Bauer helmet from Forzani's!  Check it out...

That's it, that's all!  Have a grrrreat weekend!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday...

I think I must be getting old and cranky or been married too long or perhaps, both. Huh uh...

You see, I realized Valentines Day is a short week away and I haven't even bought a card for my Beloved.  In fact, I'm thinkin' it's really no big deal.

There I said it!! NO BIG DEAL!  Eeeeck!

Valentines Day, no big deal! What has happened to me?  I'm the one who use to buy the card as soon has they arrived (before they got picked over) and planned a romantic evening at least 3 weeks in advance?

Is it because I love my Beloved less?  Nah, not possible...

So is it the other reason ...

 Goodness, Gracious!  Have I become that crotchety old B...with an itch we all use to criticize?  It cannot be!!  Again, I say, what has happened to me?

No I think I've developed a case of the dreaded, TIFG disease! Groan...the "Take It For Granted" disease!

Which has only two known cures...

a huge kick in the butt or a daily dose of gratitude for one's Beloved. I'll take the daily dose of gratefulness (yes, I will!), which seems to be the cure for just about everything that ails you.

In humilty, I admit I've failed to remember all the reasons I love and appreciate my Beloved, so starting now I will remind myself. 

My Beloved...
  • always supports and encourages me
  • comforts me in times of distress
  • helps me more than I can say
  • has been a faithful life partner in all the ups and downs
  • is a loving father, grandfather and father-in-law
  • is a kind and loyal friend to me and others
  • most importantly, has always made me laugh even when I want to cry
The good news is I'm not that cranky yet (YET).  I'm just badly distracted.

 So watch out Valentines Day!  Here I come, my Beloved...ready or not!
Happy Valentines Day!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tuesday TidBits...

Okay, I'm a day late and a dollar short but, better late than never. Right?

I am a die hard Trekkie fan since "The Starship Enterprise" first took flight waaaayyyy back in the 60's!  I fell in love with the whole idea of searching the galaxy for other life forms and the show called "The Trouble with Tribbles" was my all time fave.  And yes...

who didn't love, love, love Captain James T. Kirk; you handsome devil, you! 
Anyway, my hero Captain Kirk aka William Shatner will be having a a 10 minute chat with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield on Thursday morning on  Hadfield's video link which will be carried live on the Canadian Space Agency's website:

How cool is that!! Okay well, maybe only to us Trekkies, but still...
Went shopping with my first born daughter and has always, it was a sheer delight! However, I was reminded of something I know I've done a gazillion ( well, maybe only a gahundred) times and I know many of you have, too.

You know the one; wasting time checking out "useless" store instead of just going directly to the "go-to" store in the first place?  That's right up there with finding that perfect "whatever" in the first store, but because of some sorta shopping insanity, travelling the entire 15 acres of mall only to return to said first store and buying the perfect whatever!

Yes, indeedy, most of us have fallen prey.

So, after squandering over a hour in useless store, we make our way to the favorite one.  In no time, daughter manages to spend her entire wad and we'd only covered half the store!  Do ya think we'll learn?

Nah, I doubt it...
One more thing...

Have any of you caught the new show called "The Following"?  It's a intense cop thriller starring Kevin Bacon (in his first television series) as Ryan Hardy a retired FBI cop called out of retirement when convicted serial killer, Joe Caroll played by James Purefoy, starts sending out his recruited followers to kill for him.

It is gritty, graphic and kept me guessing, but it isn't for the faint at heart. Some scenes are quite gorey, but then I'm a big fan of "Criminal Minds" which also, has it's gore.

I quite enjoyed this new show which has mixed fan reviews. Seems people either really enjoyed it or hated it. I say, heh, it's popular television and time will tell if it matches the caliber of some of the more successful cop dramas.

Check it out if you're a cop show fan...

Tha..tha...that's all folks!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Mindful Monday's...

Took an opportunity last week to go on an eletronic fast and...

it didn't go so well.

I was able to resist Facebook for the most part and even ignore my emails, but I found myself thinking about it. I wondered if I was missing anything, which of course, I wasn't. Not really, but it sure illustrated how addicted we've become to technology.

It's the way of the world... At least, our part of the world.  The key is to find some balance in using our computers, Ipads, smart phones, Ipods, etc.

I did actually pick up a book during this fast, which is a good sign.  Reading has always been a pleasure of mine.

 I've resisted using the electronic books so far, but I know they'll likely replace paper books one day. Save a tree and all that jazz!

 Losing paper books will be a sad day...but, I digress...

This fast showed me that electronics are part of our life's (for better or worse) and staying mindful can't realistically exclude them.  Being present and making mindful choices must be a conscious effort; one we work on all day, every day.

There was a time when staying mindful seemed easier.  Time didn't fly by so rapidly, it was easier to stay focused and we were less rushed.

 I don't believe we were less busy or involved.  In fact, in bygone eras people likely had more to do every day like...

- wood chopping,
- hauling water,
- doing laundry by hand,
- cooking on wood stoves,
- growing huge gardens.
- canning food,
- etc., etc...

I'd say we've just gotten too busy with being busy (but that's subject for another post). 

Looking around...
Taking a moment to be grateful...

These are first steps in being more mindful.  I've learned from this experience that it really isn't what we do or what consumes our time that causes us to walk through life in a fog.  No, it's our attitude toward each day.

Am I humble enough to be grateful?  Gratitude is the instant way to be more mindful...

Take a moment and think about it.


Ta Ta!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Britain's Got Talent - Charlotte & Jonathan

This is absolutely beautiful; brought me to tears! Please take a moment and listen, it will warm you from your nose to your toes! Promise... // Media » Britain's Got Talent - Charlotte & Jonathan