Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday...

There are many things in life one can't put a price tag on.  Things like:
  • smelling and hearing rain
  • the first snowfall
  • the smell of fresh bread baking
  • coming home, finding the house tidy and dinner waiting
  • the look of a loved one sleeping
  • a hug from your mother (how I miss these)
  • laughing crazily with a dear friend
  • going for a cruise with your beloved, taking all the back roads, to nowhere in particular
  • a hot, bubbly jet tub when your body feels like broken glass
  • clean PJ's and a freshly made bed
But few things compare with spending the day with your grandchildren...

What price to pay for a day filled with "Toopy and Binoo"...

or building a makeshift car from a cardboard box... (too embarrassed to post pic!)
Then ending your day with a hotch podge group of friends to share stories and laughter??
There are few perfect days in life and yesterday was no exception, but gosh, it was nearly so...
See later, gator!