Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday...

I think I must be getting old and cranky or been married too long or perhaps, both. Huh uh...

You see, I realized Valentines Day is a short week away and I haven't even bought a card for my Beloved.  In fact, I'm thinkin' it's really no big deal.

There I said it!! NO BIG DEAL!  Eeeeck!

Valentines Day, no big deal! What has happened to me?  I'm the one who use to buy the card as soon has they arrived (before they got picked over) and planned a romantic evening at least 3 weeks in advance?

Is it because I love my Beloved less?  Nah, not possible...

So is it the other reason ...

 Goodness, Gracious!  Have I become that crotchety old B...with an itch we all use to criticize?  It cannot be!!  Again, I say, what has happened to me?

No I think I've developed a case of the dreaded, TIFG disease! Groan...the "Take It For Granted" disease!

Which has only two known cures...

a huge kick in the butt or a daily dose of gratitude for one's Beloved. I'll take the daily dose of gratefulness (yes, I will!), which seems to be the cure for just about everything that ails you.

In humilty, I admit I've failed to remember all the reasons I love and appreciate my Beloved, so starting now I will remind myself. 

My Beloved...
  • always supports and encourages me
  • comforts me in times of distress
  • helps me more than I can say
  • has been a faithful life partner in all the ups and downs
  • is a loving father, grandfather and father-in-law
  • is a kind and loyal friend to me and others
  • most importantly, has always made me laugh even when I want to cry
The good news is I'm not that cranky yet (YET).  I'm just badly distracted.

 So watch out Valentines Day!  Here I come, my Beloved...ready or not!
Happy Valentines Day!!