Friday, February 8, 2013

Wildcard Friday...

The other day, Youngest Daughter accused me of being a Type A personality. Her exact words were; "You are sooo type A!"

Well, far be it from me to argue (Huh huh), but I've never considered myself a Type A anything, let alone my personality. So, I argued...then

I googled.
What I found was a description of both Type A and B Personalities.  It is a theory that originally arose in the 1950's describing the 2 most common personalty types. I have highlighted in red the traits from both of these types that I believe to be mine.
Type A
  • ambitious
  • highly organized
  • status conscious
  • sensitive
  • a caregiver
  • truthful
  • impatient
  • always trying to help others
  • take on more than they can handle
  • want others to get to the point
  • proactive
  • obsessed with time management
  • workaholics
Type B
  • work steady
  • enjoy achievement, but not stressed about it
  • don't mind losing
  • enjoy something or back out
  • creative
  • enjoy change
  • reflective both inner and outer worlds
  • waste time
It seems I'm equal on both personality types.  I know some of these seem contradictory such as being highly organized and a time waster, but it's true about me.  I do want everything in it's place and get anxious when things are messy and disorganized. Yet, I am a world-class procrastinator.  I do prefer others to get to the point, but for the most part I am patient (years of caring for the elderly AND having children) trained me to be.

In fairness, I'd say I was far less of a type B when I was younger so, this theory also, proves we grow and change with age. So, am I a type A personality as Youngest Daughter claims?  Yes and no.

Just call me a creature of contradictions and say...

We both won!  Heh, maybe I do mind losing...

Boo Hoo!

It seems the MLA's won't be getting their raise this year. Ahhh...

Premier Allison Redford stated that given the fact Albertans must accept making tough financial choices because of the predicted 6 billion dollar revenue shortfall it would be ludicrous to give MLA's a raise.

No foolin'...

She is right! Who of us peasants will be getting much of a raise this year??
Besides the average annual MLA salary is $156,311 plus perks.  I'd say that's pretty good cash for a job we put them in. Huh uh...

Apparently, Premier Redford tweeted this decision prematurely, which put  the opposition all up in arms.  Plu...eeze!!  Do they have nothing better to do than incessantly get their panties in a knot every time Premier Redford makes a move??

If you're interested in more details (hmmm..) here is the link:


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That's it, that's all!  Have a grrrreat weekend!