Friday, June 27, 2014

The Miracle

This poem was inspired during the oddest time, for I busy making supper, and certainly not feeling at all poetic.  However, trusting it was God-inspired, I quickly jotted down the gist of it, before I completely forgot it (not unusual for me).  Later I worked with it until this final version felt right.  This poem, at it's heart, is meant for and dedicated to a dear friend that I pray, if my gracious God has planned a healing miracle for me, I happily and willingly give it away...

Glory in the mountains,
marvels in the seas,
mysteries in the valleys
and hope in all of these.

Time journeys where it wants,
destiny designs a life,
with sorrows in the sojourn
and blessings in the strife.

Given choice for myself,
a healing will decide,
if thus is taken willingly
or joyously cast aside.

A miracle given to another,
whose need is greater still,
and in that very moment
confirmation of God's will.

Friday, June 20, 2014

There is Nothing like Old...

There is nothing like old dogs, old friends and old photographs when you're getting up know, over 50!

Old dogs are not only special companions but, great comforters!  I believe God designed dogs especially for little children and older folks.  They give us a sense of responsibility, a purpose to rise above our self-centered thoughts, a excuse to act with integrity and loyalty.  A dog gives us friendship like none other we'll ever experience.  The unspoken trust and love between our fur-buddy and us needs no rituals; no handshakes, special incantations or blood vows.  It is a union of mind and heart that is spiritual.  Dogs are always overjoyed to be with us even when we can't stand ourselves.  They medicate us when we're sick or just lonely in soul.  They soften hardened hearts, add sunshine to a gloomy personality and warm cold feet.  Most of all our beloved dogs...

teach us how to graciously suffer loss.

Old friends are like wearing worn slippers; nothing is more comfy or cozy.  Even when you don't speak or see each other for weeks, months or sometimes, years, you can pick up as if it were yesterday.  There is a shared history that carries with it all the dramas, big and small.  The laughter, the inside jokes, the collective battlefields of sorrow, divorce or loss.  You impart parental wisdom, disclose closely guarded secrets and reveal deepest fears.  Your mutual transgressions and shared mercies lift each other up when the wings of fate fail one of you. An old friendship offers the mortar of kindness, discretion, forgiveness and insight that cements time and distance forever.  Most of all our treasured friends...

teach us how to grow old gratefully.

Old photographs capture a busy life in a moment, freezing forever, not only an image, but the experience.  There is nothing like being caught in a candid flash looking your worst, doing something ridiculous or best of all, oblivious to the snapshot.  You'll wonder many years later, what was going on in your life in that immortalized second?  Were you happy, angry, lonely...  Perhaps clues in facial or body language may give you insight.  Old photographs enrapture you all over again in recollections of past holidays, vacations, special events and thrill us to what once might have seemed run of the mill.  Bubbling streams of emotions stream down our faces as these cherished, static flashes seamlessly, knit together a lifetime.  Most of all our priceless photographs...

teach us how to value the moments.

Old dogs, old friends, old photographs.  These all reflect a life...and I pray...a life well lived!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Where Oh Where...

Okay, I've been on the lam, incognito, MIA, absent, dawdling, gone!  Well...not really gone, but definitely not blogging.  In fact, I was SHOCKED when I saw I haven't written a word since March 17th, 2014!

I have a ton of excuses, you know...

...burnt out

But, no real reason (except maybe lazy!) for not making time at least once a week, to exercise my composing muscles.  I can't even blame it on lack of ideas resulting in writer's block, although this does seem like a nifty defense.  But, truth is, there is always some subject I can rant and rave about like a lunatic.  Ask anyone who knows me!

Procrastinating. That about sums up my real reason.  I hate to admit this about myself, but I can be the Queen of Procrastinators!  Please, tell me I am not alone! This is a fault that can prove to be utterly and totally self-defeating and toxic. I mean, just check with any of my house plants in any given week!

So, what to do? What to do?

I could just accept it has a less than desirable character flaw.  I mean, REALLY, at my advanced age (snicker) it's too ingrained to change.  Right?  Or I could defend it by claiming almost everyone procrastinates on some things.  Again, right?  But... really amounts to choice.  Right?  Right!

I choose to put off, delay, dilly-dally and generally postpone more than I care to admit!  And what is really, I mean...REALLY, crazy about this trait, is that some of the things I drag my feet on, I actually enjoy doing! Like, say...blogging!

So, take that to the psychologist's couch and mull it over!

But, without getting too far into my overwrought, impaired psyche, I'll just say unless it's a commitment to others, necessary for life or some such bottom line, crucial. life or death thang well...I just get LAZY!

adjective, la•zi•er, la•zi•est.
averse or disinclined to work, activity, or exertion; indolent.
causing idleness or indolence: a hot, lazy afternoon.
slow-moving; sluggish: a lazy stream.
(of a livestock brand) placed on its side instead of upright.
verb (used without object), la•zied, la•zy•ing.
to laze.

Yuppers... it's truly a genetic flaw.  A bloodline matter that runs through my father's side which is another tale for another time.  But, here I am, returned from the wayward fields of whimsical and congenial intentions to satiate your appetite for my ingenious and dubious rhetoric...huh uh...

No promises of doing a weekly hat trick but, I certainly can try to entertain you (my favoured readers) on a more regular basis.

Here's to becoming diligent and conscientious!!


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