Friday, June 27, 2014

The Miracle

This poem was inspired during the oddest time, for I busy making supper, and certainly not feeling at all poetic.  However, trusting it was God-inspired, I quickly jotted down the gist of it, before I completely forgot it (not unusual for me).  Later I worked with it until this final version felt right.  This poem, at it's heart, is meant for and dedicated to a dear friend that I pray, if my gracious God has planned a healing miracle for me, I happily and willingly give it away...

Glory in the mountains,
marvels in the seas,
mysteries in the valleys
and hope in all of these.

Time journeys where it wants,
destiny designs a life,
with sorrows in the sojourn
and blessings in the strife.

Given choice for myself,
a healing will decide,
if thus is taken willingly
or joyously cast aside.

A miracle given to another,
whose need is greater still,
and in that very moment
confirmation of God's will.