Saturday, March 26, 2016

Ludicrous Lies...

Okay, I've been MIA again. It's been far too long since I've written my blog but, I DO have a few very important and life altering excuses.  Yes siree I do!

First of all, I've been absolutely and completely caught up (honestly I don't know how anyone couldn't be) in Trump's campaign trail.  This has consumed much of my free time trying to figure out how this fool ever became so successful!  I decided it isn't because he's so brilliant but, that he made a pact with the devil like Faust did so, he could be incredibly prosperous.  Also, part of the deal included being eternally damned to that bad hair!  How else could this sorry excuse for a human being be so favoured?

Aside from the Trump distraction I've been catching up on Netflix series such American Horror Story and Bates Motel.  These may seem poor excuses for not writing but, my mind was filled with questions like; how could Norma not realize what a wack-a-doodle her son Norman really is or I never realized that Jessica Lange is such a versatile and talented actress.  This sort of queries tend to keep me up at night.  Honestly!

Then there's the deep depression I underwent after "Hot in Cleveland " was cancelled and Doctor McDreamy died on "Grey's Anatomy".  This took time, as I'm sure you can understand, to process.  I'm over the shock now, thank you, but these things take much out of a person!

Most recently the failure of the Calgary Flames to do well has been a trial.  This too has cost me valuable writing time and much anguish.

There are other urgent and tragic happenings in my life similar to these but, I shan't go on and on any longer about my other First World problems; what restaurant to choose, if I should ask for a 5% raise,
should I trade in my 3 year old car, bottled water versus tap, etc., etc.  Honestly, who could possibly
find time to write a blog??

But, I'll try to rise above and do better.  I hope you all understand my problems, I know I certainly don't!

Until next time...toodle loo!

For you, Colleen..