Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday's Tid Bits...

Some interesting (at least, I think so) price comparisons over the years just to give you all an idea how much inflation gouges us!
Disclaimer: The prices are mostly from the U.S.A.  Canadian prices would be somewhat higher, but comparable.

McDonald's Big Mac

Big Mac 1967:  0.45

Big Mac 1975:  0.65

Big Mac 1979:  0.95

Big Mac 1995:  $1.99

Big Mac 2007:  $3.22

Some fun (?) facts from 1980:
Note: Most Imperial measurements
Postage stamp:  0.15     Wow!
Bread:                0.48     Double Wow!!
Milk/gal:            1.60     Wowzers!
Gas/litre:             .27      Holy Cow!   ($1.03/Gal  U.S.)
Car:                   5413.    OMGoodness!
New House:     86,159.    El Cheapo!
Income:           11,321.   Try making it on this today!
Comments in Italics my own.

There you have it...interestin' donja think?

A remarkable likeness...

I went bowling Sunday...

Yuppers, you heard me right. I haven't been bowling in about 7 years and my hips and back want to thank me! 

And yes, I know it's Tuesday, two full days later, but I'm still hurting in places that are illegal and immoral.

I shoulda went to church; I think it woulda hurt much less to take a spiritual beating...
The following is the first official portrait done of the Duchess of Cambridge or Princess Kate...

I wonder what is your initial reaction?

Kate looks older and very, very matronly.  In fact, I'd say she looks extremely sombre, as if she were at a funeral.  Or worse, pretentious and snotty. Or...
as my Dear old Mama use to say, "Like she has a brick up her butt!"  I think the following is more "our" Kate...
and the artist should have tried to capture this look instead. 
 Honestly, I wonder if the palace chose the same artist for Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee protrait???
Just sayin'...
And finally...

Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen?  Ahhhhh...