Monday, March 4, 2013

Mindful Mondays...

Going to do something different this Monday. Instead of being mindful I'm going to list all the things I mind, meaning, all the things that irk, irritate or generally drive me crazy!
I mind...

...that we feel the need to molly coddle every one's fragile ego from infancy to death. What's with that?  Fact is, no one is more special than anyone else!   Individually we are nothing, but a tiny bit of protoplasm in a great big world, sitting in an endless universe. Get over yourself!

...stupid commercials that insult our intelligence.  You know the kind, that imply that by using their (unnamed) kind of shampoo and conditioner you will find the man of your dreams!
 As if...  And if it really were true, you'd be stuck using that same old brand of shampoo/conditioner forever, unless you wanted to risk losing your man.  With all the clever and witty commercials that are on T.V. was it Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock when these dumb ass ads were put together??

...this age of "politically correct" drives me bonkers.  What happened to calling a "spade a shovel"?  No one is being fooled; not really.
So, I use the correct lingo to describe someone as "vertically challenged" or "developmentally challenged", it's not as if you don't think the "incorrect" terms, short and retarded!  Admit it, yes, you do...
I get that this all started by simply trying to be sensitive and not too rude or obnoxious. This is good...until it got crazy...and stupid!

...people who pry where they shouldn't!  MYOB!  Yes!  Mind Your Own Business!  You know who you just can't stand not knowing so, you have your nose where it shouldn't be...and generally have some wrong opinion regarding the same.
Here's the deal...(sample of politically incorrect) ...Get a life and quit being so frickin' nosey!!
Nuff said...