Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What this Old Broad knows for Sure aka Wednesday"s Wisdom...

I haven't kept up with my posts this week, but I have a good excuse.  I haven't been feeling well from a sinus/ear infection; headaches, pain, excessive fatigue and generally feeling... blah, ailing, under the weather!

But, I will try my best to give my unfailing wisdom today, cos goodness knows what you'll do without it...

It's interesting watching folks in a doctor's office.  Through half-lidded eyes and modest nosiness, I studied how every person was playing around on their phones; texting, games, what have you.

My initial thought was what happened to reading or if, like myself, truly sick, attempting to nap?  But then I observed a little child baking pretend cakes in the pretend house while her texting mother pretended to be interested.

I know for sure at my "delicate" age that this scene made me sad; I know how quickly these years with your young kidlets fly by.  I wanted to gently take this mother's phone and stomp on it!


I know for sure that if Justin Beiber doesn't smarten up and get his act together (real life act) he will soon become yesterday's pop hero...

How can I know this for sure?

Sorry, Beib fans, but our young lad from Canada is nothing more than today's pop sensation with all the teenyboppers. He is famous, but he is NOT an icon.  Pop stars come and go with every generation; their misbehavior is less forgivable than long-standing super-stars.

His fans will outgrow him anyway, but these days, he is going out of his way to alienate them...

Who does he think he is when attacking the press?  The Hulk?

Me tinks this boy's fame has gone to his head!  Or else he hasn't checked the mirror out lately, because in reality he is just a skinny, white boy (despite the rapper language and arse hugging pants)!

Fighting, using foul language, cancelling concerts, etc. is making "The Beib" little more than an unfortunate joke...

and the Selena Gomez break-up will only go so far.


Tha..Tha..That's all folks!