Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What this Old Broad knows for Sure aka Wednesday's Wisdom

What I know for sure is that in life, we need to belief in something bigger than ourselves. With Easter coming soon it may be a good time to check out our state of belief...

Do you window shop? 

I once heard a minister ask, "Do you really buy it or do you window shop?"  In other words, do you really...I mean really, believe in what you say you believe? 

This question made me ponder, am I one of those Christians who proclaim faith in God, but when push comes to shove, believe more in myself and my own abilities, than some unseen God?  This question burned deep into my soul and I was forced to truthfully examine my heart.

So, the fire was lit...and this is what I know for sure...
  • when I was younger and prayed, I had my own agenda written all over it.  I wanted God's will to align with mine.
  • life is filled with hard times that are difficult, but heh, I could handle it until...I couldn't.
  • that life can quickly turn from experiencing happiness to misery in a heartbeat.
  • that what I truly believe will either carry me or drop me on my head.
  • that there have been times when I've taken God for granted and treated him like a slightly senile Santa my own peril.
  • that sadly, I have learned the hard way that God doesn't need my assistance; he has all things handled.
And finally...
  • window shopping is for fools!

Ta Da!!

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