Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Let me Entertain You...

I have some thoughts about some of the young entertainers today. I'm not a shrink nor any kind of professional but, I wonder how far off I would be to an enlightened opinion?  I'm also, going to play prophet and predict their longevity in the very difficult and fickle music industry.

There are many talented young performers but, for the sake of brevity ( and the sake of  my brain) I've only picked a few that stand out to me.

First, on deck is Taylor Swift.  She is a superstar and a very talented young lady.  She is also a drama queen and somewhat inauthentic.  Perhaps she is just caught between two worlds. Taylor often presents herself as the simple, down-home gal she was born to be and yet, she flawlessly walks red carpets, performs to millions with relentless ambition, always in the spotlight with little evidence of simplicity.  Makes me wonder how contrived her image truly is.

 She seems to thrive and flourish on all the media attention allowing the entire world in on her personal issues either through song or frequent interviews.  Hardly the behaviours of a simple, cookie baking, huggy, plain kinda gal from Philadelphia.  Call me a cynic but, the simplicity seems very, very artificial.  She is definitely a diva as are all her little girl posse friends.  Her overly dramatic lifestyle is enough testimony for me.

She is young (born 1989 - was I ever that age? Hummm...) and was even younger when she hit the worldwide stage.  So, I'm impressed with how smoothly she moves between persona.  Is she a regular, folksy young lady or Ms. glamour/drama queen?  I'd guess that the homey, girl-next-door has become more and more a stretch for Taylor to remember or emulate.  Perhaps she really wants to be that kind of girl but, the fame, adoration, money, exposure to the rich and famous plus, the influence of her "handlers" as made playing simple very complicated.

The cynic in me believes there is a certain "putting on" quality about her uncomplicated side but, I do think at her core she truly is the sincere, empathetic and caring young woman she appears.

 I hope with maturity she'll focus on being truly authentic instead of feeding the media's insatiable appetite for drama.

Assuming her overly emotional and dramatic side isn't her undoing; I give Taylor 3 stars for longevity.

Lady Gaga is a bit older than some but, she is fascinating and very talented and well...weird!  I'd guess when she was young she was a geek and misfit who was bullied and treated as an outcast. I might
be wrong and she may have reveled in her differences her entire life but, the intensely passionate and protective "little monster"
dialogues she has with her fans convinces me otherwise.

Much of her message verbally and creatively is about being authentic and true to oneself and not selling out just to be accepted. It's an awesome message and Lady Gaga definately has the cornerstone on it.  She may go too far at times but, at some point In her life, I believe she got the courage to be herself.  Perhaps it coincided with realizing her vast talent and uniqueness.

In the event I am right about her past I believe her incredible extremes in dress, red carpet and stage behaviors are not only brilliant marketing strategies; I think she may have found the ultimate revenge and snub to all who mistreated and bashed her.

I give Lady Gaga 4+ stars for longevity as in Madonna, Cher and their ilk.

What can I say about Justin Beiber?  He was a cute, genuinely talented kid.  Was...  He is still a talented young man and his pre-teen fans currently can't get enough of him but, honestly if he doesn't burn out and fade away in a few more years I'll be surprised.  Not because he doesn't have the potential to last but, his self-involved, spoiled and disingenuous behavior has got to catch up to him eventually.  His little fans will grow up (unlike Justin) and realize that his smooth-talking, entitled and disrespectful attitude isn't cool.

I don't know if fame at such a vulnerable age, improper handling,
indulgent parenting or all of the above created this punk but, I sincerely hope he gets over himself as he matures.

I give Justin a 2 stars longevity only because he may yet become an adult and behave with real authenticity (as I believe he was in the beginning of his career) instead of pretending to be a wannabe tough guy and rapper.

Now here is a young man who has tremendous talent and certainly seems to be the real deal.  Justin should pay attention!  Now Weeknd is four years older so, in fairness I'll give Justin props that a miracle could happen and by 26 he may become such a nice young man.

Since I can't know a person's heart or intent, I could be wrong but, Weeknd appears to be truly authentic, respectful and well...nice. He is also, talented and becoming a worldwide sensation.

Honestly, I don't know lots about him and he is still relatively new on the scene but, if it isn't all an act and fame doesn't ruin him I'd give him 3+ stars for longevity.

So, there you take on some of today's young performers.  I could be off base and you may disagree but, heh, I'm impressed that this Grandma even knows who they are!!

Until next time...Toodle loo!