Sunday, April 17, 2016

I can't...God can...

There is so much sadness, unrest and tragedy in the world today. I pray for it to stop, for peace and love to prevail. Honestly, I wonder what can I, one person do that could possibly make a difference.   The problems seem too big...too complicated. People can't even have peace and love prevail in their own individual lives, let alone on a global level.   Then I thought this is where I can make a difference.  This is how to be significant in a world wrought with misery.  Start with me in my own modest corner of this world.

This is not a new notion or a sudden brain wave.  I’ve often heard throughout my lifetime that change must begin with the individual but, as I’ve gotten older it all of a sudden hit home.  It wasn’t just an agreeable intellectual notion that I could discuss among my friends; feeling righteously sorrowful, then go on my way.  Not giving it another thought until the next time the conversation turns in that direction.  NO! 

I can talk about the sad state of the world, shaking my head and wringing my hands; having never done a thing to change anything but, that doesn’t alleviate any of the pain. Perhaps this is what is truly wrong with this world; too many head shaking, hand wringing folks who never, ever step out of our comfort zone and do something!  Including ME!

So, what can I do?  I find myself still reverting back to the can'ts;  I can't go on a mission trip halfway around the world, I can't bring world peace, I can't feed the millions starving.  I can't, I can't, I can't...  How pathetic!  

Maybe I can't go on a mission trip but, I could make it my mission to perhaps help a hurting person or family on my home turf.  I can't bring world peace but, I can resist gossip, be kind to others, smile.  I can't feed millions but, I can donate and volunteer at my local food bank.  Can't I??

What is your excuse?  If you're not contributing you are most likely making up reasons why you're can't do it.  I know.  Because I have done and do the same.  The world isn't narcissistic, selfish, entitled and full of weak excuses.  

I am.  

You are.  

If I'm too busy and have too many commitments to give back to a hurting world, then I'm too busy and need to cut back on time devoted to myself and my needs. I need to quit making excuses and step up!  

I can't keep excusing myself.

I'm NOT that important.

And neither are you...