Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Turning Over 50...

There is something satisfying about turning 50 and sliding on past toward to 60. Yes indeedy, it's undoubtedly not all downhill.  Well...with the exception of certain anatomical parts (which shall remain unnamed) that will not defy gravity without the reinforcement of silicone.  But, otherwise hitting the half century mark can be quite sweet.

To clarify, before I express the following, that these are only my opinions on this matter.  I did not do a survey or a double-blind study so, I can't quantify if most of the over 50 crowd concur.  However, I feel I may have a few supporters.

1.  You no longer need to be concerned about being fashionable, on trend or even matching!  Not that there's anything amiss if you do still care but, the glorious thing about being over 50, is that no matter how much you pick, pluck, nip, tuck; nothing will make you look 30 again and that's okay!  Finally, you've reached the age where you're thoroughly comfortable with being "wash & wear"!

2.  Being older often brings with it a sudden gratitude toward good health.  No longer do you want to while away your days watching videos and eating ding dongs.  You seem to have lost your obsessive enslavement to certain items such as caffeine, sugar and rich desserts.  Eaten seldom, these foods or drinks are enjoyed as rare treats instead of compulsive weaknesses.  Staying active has become a blessing because you have peers who cannot be so mobile., but would relish the renewed freedom to move.  Health is no longer a grudging sacrifice made so, you'll look alluring or stylish.

3.  Then there is learning.  Remember when sitting in school was a necessary  DRAAAAG!  As we get older learning new things is not only a personal challenge (we probably don't need to) but, exhilarating.  Like myself, if you've had a loved one succumb to Alzheimer's disease, then joining the Dorky Geek Squad becomes the end game.

4.  Another strange development about being over 50 is the peculiar evolution of downsizing.  Suddenly, you can't understand why you have SO MUCH STUFF! There is stuff in every nook and cranny of every square inch of your home plus one or two or three sheds crammed tight with "indispensable" items that now, you can't fathom why it was all so necessary?  Like a snake shedding it's skin, you can't wait to dispense of all your junk, keeping only what you actually use and what may hold some real sentimental value.

5.  My relationships have become more meaningful and relevant since I've gotten older.  No longer do I feel the need to be a Lone Ranger.  In fact, I finally realize I need Tonto at my side.  Even the most impromptu or casual relationships (the cashier at the local store) are worthwhile and worthy of my undivided attention whilst with them.  The gratitude of actually being noticed shows on their face the
instant they realize I "see" them.  What took me so long to grasp the notion that everyone wants to be validated even if it's a brief interaction?  If I can do nothing more, I can take a moment in time to say, "Hi, you look nice (tired, happy, etc.) today."  I am NOT that busy!

6.   Spirituality has become a vital part of my peace and well-being as I age.  My personal choice is Christian and although it has always been a part of my life, for far too many years it was an "add-on", that required little of me. It was on my "To Do list" and probably ranked no more than 5 but, since getting older it's become number one.  In order to maintain serenity in my life and learning to accept my mortality and those of my peers; I've begun pouring my heart out to God , sending healing prayers and flourishing in a grateful relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ. It has become essential.  If fact, most of these opinions would not be possible without the abiding grace God grants me every day.

7.  Last, but not least, LIGHTEN UP!  If I've learned anything as I've aged it is to laugh more and quit taking life so seriously.  Most of what makes us irritated, critical, judgmental, unloving and miserable is simply not that important.  Learn to laugh at yourself, at others, at circumstances and at life.  Seriously.
YOU.  ARE.  GOING.  TO.  DIE.  ONE.  DAY.   

What do you want your legacy to be?  Do you want to be remembered as the old bat that judged, criticized and complained about everyone and everything? Or...would you rather be honoured as the one whom brought light, love, and grace into a room simply by entering it?

You get to decide, because anyone can choose to be miserable, especially as we grow older.  So, laugh!  Seek it, search for it; for it is more precious than gold.  And really...wouldn't it be the greatest hoot to actually "die laughing"?