Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Airing My Dirty Laundry...

I received a FREE  "Downy Unstopables" in-wash scent booster to try with my laundry. 
I mean...

a full sized bottle! How great is that?  Anyway, before I divulge my opinion of "Downy Unstopables" I'd like to air a little bit of my dirty laundry.

After all, since "Downy Unstopables" is meant to enhance, improve and in all ways boost the foulness out of our laundry, confession of my smelly secrets should work the same for cleansing my soul!  Whadja think??

Here goes nothing...airing my dirty laundry!
  1. I do try to be environmentally conscious but, I really don't like doing piles of laundry.  I sometimes wash only a partial load so, it doesn't stack up.  I know, I know...  It's wasting water etc., etc., but, I own a HE washing machine.  I'd like to think it does it's job and uses just the right amount of H20!
  2. Sometimes I "forget" a load of laundry in the dryer, in which case, I rewash if clothes are wrinkled.  Hmmm...another waste of water...
  3. Let's see, what other laundry crimes do I commit... I have been known NOT to read labels and wash things like wool and cashmere; much to my family's dismay.  You may ask how could I not realize that you never, ever wash wool or cashmere?  Well...the thing is I do know!  This is a perfect example of mindlessness; a subject for yet, another blog.
I'm sure if I thought hard enough I could come up with many more transgressions, after all, I have been doing laundry for almost 40 years.  Egad!  That is a loooo...ng time and I've tried lots of new laundry aids throughout those 40 years, but I have to say "Downy Unstopables" is one of the best new washing helps I've ever used.

It not only boosts the scent of the fabric softener, but it increases how long the aroma lasts.  It's dee...lightful to pull out an article of clothing after 2 weeks and still whiff the pleasant smell.  So, although "Downy Unstopables" may not bring an end to your laundry faux pas, it will definitely enhance the excellence of it!  I highly recommend giving "Downy Unstopables" a whirl around the dance floor!


The only compensation paid to me was receiving the Free "Downy Unstopables".


I feel just ducky today...