Friday, October 4, 2013

From the Nursery to the Nursing Home...

Okay, I admit I like to write poetry!  I'm not particularly good at it and I'm certainly no threat to any prominent poet nor...

am I particularly deep, insightful (think Maya Angelou) or intuitive...but, I like to fool around with it now and then.  So, here goes...oh, but first...

General Disclaimer: The following was compiled for my own amusement during (un)reliable moments. It is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to be taken seriously.

Jake & Jane

Jake & Jane
have brittle bones
barely can they use them.
While Jake does booze
Jane stays loose,
by using a jacuzzi.
Old Mrs Luffet
Old Mrs Luffet
told them to "stuff it!"
Refusing to eat her porridge
The nurse cried, "You'll eat it, or else
we'll force feed it!
Then order you another!"
Made of
What are old men made of?
Stories and mutts
and beer belly guts,
that's what old men are made of.
What are old women made of?
Cookies and pickles
and laughter that tickles,
that's what old women are made of.
Two Old Men
Two old men
sat by the fire
over a snifter of brandy;
Said one old man
to the other old man,
"If I must say, life is dandy!"
Nursing Home
They often sit and wish that they,
could leap right up, then fly away.
To ride upon the wings of hope
to live in dreams the angels wrote.
If they could see beyond this room
 filled with dark and dread and gloom.
Like birds, if they could take to flight
these wings would carry them from sight.
Until we meet again...