Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Rant...

This subject as bothered me for awhile and I may risk getting shot by some women, but...

why is it some women insist on invading private men's clubs?  Why can't men have the right to join an exclusive club where they can gather and share common interests (grunting, farting, guzzling) without worrying about offending some broad?  Because let's face it gals, we would change the entire dynamics of the club.   You know we would...

Most men are different around their wife's, mother's, sister's, etc., than they are with their men friends.  They usually try to be more respectful and well.. sensitive to what they believe is our more delicate natures.  Being delicate may or may not be I've been known to swear, spit and  fart like a truck driver, however, I don't much like it when a man shows little or no restraint in his "manly" behavior. grunt...belch...grrr

Another generally enjoy different activities, conversation, surroundings, food, etc., than women.  I'm not saying a women can't play poker, talk about car engines, hang out in a smoky basement or eat super-charged spicy nachos, but...really, this truly your idea of a fun-filled evening??

Let's face it.  Women and men are not much alike and odds are we'd pressure the poor guys to clean up their habits (like we do when we marry them...come on admit it...) and their men's club would eventually look like this...

  • a new dress code would be implemented (no more baggy,grease stained jogging pants, lace less runners and ripped t-shirts from 1980)
  • all men must shower, smell good and be clean-shaved
  • no more Doritos from the bag and extra, extra hot salsa
  • no more spitting, hawking, arm-pit farting
  • there can still be poker games, but a reasonable ante and no more scantly clad women on the deck of cards
  • swearing is allowed, but no f-bombs, the "c" word or other obscenity
  • enough with the talk about fast cars, misspent youth, sports!  Let's discuss current events, child rearing methods and career goals
  • a reasonable curfew, after all there is church tomorrow
Yes indeedy...things would change and suddenly the men's club has become a women's club.


why not just join a women's club and leave the men to fart in peace?


Tootle Loo!