Friday, November 1, 2013

When I get to Heaven...

I shall pick flowers of all kinds
out of other people's gardens,
and no one will mind.
I shall gather dust motes
in pillowcases and spread
them in clean places.
I shall spend my days
crocheting snowflakes and
knitting angel wings.
When I get to Heaven I shall eat
Spam with barbecue chips,
on white bread.
I shall slurp my soup and blow
bubbles in my juice.
I shall wear sandals in Winter and
galoshes in Spring.
I shall sing glorious praises
that don't rhyme and
are off key.
I shall hear laughter, merriment
and joy.
When I get to Heaven I shall
borrow someones trumpet and
 join the choir.
I shall wash other's feet and
paint rainbows on their toenails.
But above all, when I get there
I shall kneel before the throne
with bowed head ,
in gratitude,
for all the love
given me;
before I ever got to Heaven.