Monday, October 22, 2012

Growing Old...Gratefully Really??

Growing old gratefully, I’ve been thinking and thinking what this means to me? And what is my intention for this blog?  I’m not yet sure, but it may be something I need as a catharsis.  Why?  Because at 57 I’m growing old (um older??).

Some folks (over 70) may say, “No way is that old! You’re still a baby!”  But others...well, let’s just say my grandchildren would beg to differ.  And LOL – Laugh Out Loud for those who aren’t in the “know”.

Since I am getting old(er) it has given me pause to think; which if you knew me as a younger lady, you may not believe it or perhaps, think it’s just about time! Never mind, you weren’t the sharpest tack in the box either, so there! Anyway, back to my thinking...Hummmm

My life has slowed down considerably since my youth and with it so have I; which could be construed as a bad thing or perhaps, something to be grateful about?  No doubt I have more time to blog now which may be a good thing?

 I hope to explore the things of age that we can appreciate. Surely there must be something!  I may be able to convince some of you younger “thangs” that there is nothing to fear.  LOL!

But... here is the big BUT!  (Isn’t there always a but?) I also, intend to blow the lid off some of the not-so-good things such as illness, aches and pains, brain fog and the ever popular menopause. Possibly there may be something to be grateful in all these, but I will have to dig deep, real deeee-ep, deeee-per.....deeeee-per, deep,deep, deeper to find them!!

I will grow old gratefully if it kills me, but I already know it isn’t all great. With that in mind; assuming you don’t forget, perhaps you may wish to travel along in this blog with me?  I don’t have all the answers; I’ll leave that to the centurions, but I really do wish to grow old in grace, wisdom and gratitude.

Maybe writing about it will help me on my way?