Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Rant

Today I digress from the growing older as you will notice I will do from time to time. There are just some things that happen in my day that cause me to well...rant. Today it’s about a snowstorm and dumb ass drivers. Ummm...

We had a 15 cm snowfall, the first big one for the year. This is about 6 inches for any American friends. It’s not lots, but for the first one of the winter, it does make roads slippery, visibility poor and slow things down when commuting. IT should be anticipated by any reasonably intelligent person that the driving will likely be well... a bit tricky. Which brings me to my rant.

On the news last night they reported a number of traffic accidents, mostly due to speed. They interviewed several motorists who were very grumpy because it was too slow getting where they needed. Huh? Really?

It was a STORM guys, what did you expect? Did it occur to these people that it might be wise to get their lazy ass out of bed earlier so they could allow for extra driving time? This storm was forecasted for at least 2 days before it hit. Do they not listen to any news, talk to others or pay attention? Do they not plan or predict driving might be slower?  It was too slow? Come on! It’s NOT summer anymore! Dah!

This happens every winter and pretty much every time there is a big snowfall throughout the season.  I often wonder if it’s the same dumb ass drivers who either get in an accident or lose their cool because it’s time-consuming?

Try PLANNING for it next time, guys and dolls! Get up earlier, bring a book to read when traffic comes to a standstill or maybe try a self help CD for impatience or stupidity. We don’t live in Florida! It snows here every year! After year, after year... this is nothing new!

There you have it. My first rant. I’m sure there’ll be many more, but in the meantime I will focus on getting back on point next time. Be grateful out there, heh!