Saturday, November 10, 2012

When Fortune trumps Reason...

I don't know if there is a rule somewhere (somehow I think there might be) about opening more than one fortune cookie, but I did it anyway...

Ahhhh....curiosity killed the cat...meow!

Fortune # 1: "Something unusual will happen at work or school next week"

Well, since I am currently off on disability and don't go to school; what am I to think...

Does this mean I SHOULD be working or in school? Have I missed the boat on this? Was I asleep at the wheel when fortune smiled down?


Is it perhaps, a general, kind of, generic way of just saying, "Something will happen in your life (whatever it is you do - or lack thereof ) next week"?

Ummmm... and what does it mean by unusual? Unusual how? Good unusual or bad unusual?

And what does "something" mean?  Is it something I'd want to happen or something that could cause me sleepless nights all next week?  Because after all, "something" could mean just about anything!! And "unusual" isn't usually good, or something I'd want, is it??

Eee Gads!

Something usually is bad!!

Fortune #2: Keep an eye out for a wonderful opportunity. 

Ahhh, I feel so much better for having opened fortune number two. It so explains fortune number one. Yes, indeedy! Life is good! All is well with the universe!

Everything is as should be...yes...

The "something" will be an opportunity! The "unusual" will be wonderful!

Or perhaps, Vice versa.

Whichever, I'm okay now.


Perhaps it's irreversible, bad luck to open two fortunes at once and I've set into motion some horrifying, catastrophic chain of events!

OMG! ( the G stands for Goodness as I won't mess with "you know whose name!")

I can't take the uncertainty anymore!!  I think I'll just toss both fortunes and forget I ever read them.

Yes, that's exactly what I will do.






If the fates allow, that is....

Ha ha ha... haaaa haaaaaaaa, Heeeeeeeeee......

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  1. This post is grand! Made me laugh and laugh I love it!!! As the gal who brought the cookies to your house.... I'm sorry to have caused so much.... laughter.... nope not sorry for that you need more! I'm still going to convince y'all to play mennonite maddness one day! Then you really will laugh your behind off!!! Love you lots.


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