Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Rant...

Okay, I wasn't going to say anything on this topic and add to the circus, but...

I will BUST if I don't have a rant!

Whad Up America!

What was that newest reality show called, "Politicians Gone Wild"!?
Plu-eeze, I have seen less mud-slinging at a Redneck's party! This show cost somewhere around 6 billion dollars.

6 billion dollars!

Six billion dollars!!


I can't even imagine what this much money might have done that was worthwhile? How many hungry children could have been fed? How many houses might have been built? How many jobs might have been created? Or social programs could've been saved?

Call me stupid, but I believe this was nothing more than a back-stabbing, ridiculing and underhanded attempt to entertain the masses who are addicted this type of degrading and shameful media.

Shame on us for participating in this sham!

Shame on the political parties for allowing it!

Whatever happened to dignified political campaigns that focused on real issues that plague real people rather than who could put on the most "entertaining" show?!

I don't believe this political campaign cared one iota about the problems that the average American suffers. It was simply done for ratings and ultimately votes. And yes, before you say it, I realize an election is about votes, but like this?????

A low-brow, reality mini-series that made the rich, richer?

That satisfied our unsatiable thirst for the seditious and demeaning?

Again, I say shame on us!