Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What this Old Broad knows for sure a/k Wednesday's Wisdom

For this week, 'What this Old Broad knows for sure' is that there are lots of things I don't understand...

For instance...

  1. Why do people (mostly men) adore all things HOT as in HOT SAUCE???
  2. Spandex. Who created this and why oh, why?
  3. How to fold a fitted sheet.
  4. When to use as or has in a sentence. (Is this just me?)
  5. Why we shout at a blind person??
  6. Is it fate, accident or destiny? Hmmm...
  7. When I'm alone, why do I say, "Excuse me." when I burp?  Is it just Pavlov's response or do I just feel the need to be polite to an empty room?
  8. Why do we keep pressing the remote when we know the batteries need replacing?
  9. Why do we keep going back to the fridge when we're hungry and can't find something to eat; do we think someone went shopping during the ten minutes between??
  10. And finally...why is it we can look at our watch to see the time and someone can ask us the time 2 seconds later, and we have to look at our watches again? Hmmm...chew on that!
Until next time...enjoy your Wednesday!