Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tuesday Tid Bits...

Today is Christmas Day and for many Christians (approx. 2 billion worldwide) today marks the day that hope came into the world. Christ is born today.

Peace on earth...

Good will toward man...

The message of hope for all mankind...all mankind.

 In today's fast-paced, high octane life it is hard to imagine the first Christmas, the solemn and reverential mood that must have prevailed in that simple stable.

Did the parents, Mary and Joseph, fully realize the impact their baby son"s life and sacrifice would mean for all mankind? I wonder...Do we fully realize??

I know for myself, that I often forget. Thank you, thank you Jesus.  Merry Christmas one and all!


On the lighter side...Whadya think?  Too much Christmas cheer? Or something he ate??

How about...
How did they get the beard to stay put?   You really gotta watch those Office Christmas parties!
Speaking of Christmas blunders and No-no's....

Always have help when doing second story lights...HELP!!

Typo, ya think???

Uhhh no, maybe not!!

Another office party gone horribly wrong!!


Unitl next year for Tuesday Tidbits...