Thursday, December 13, 2012

What this Old Broad knows for sure a/k Wednesday's Wisdom...

Well has usual I'm a dollar short and a day late...

so I guess I should titled this post "Thursday's Thoughts" or "Thursday's Treasures" or some such thingy... but

 I'll stick with Wednesday's Wisdom so, not to confuse myself.
Which happens quite easily these days... please, excuse this "Old Broad"!


Speaking of being there such a word? Well, there should be!!

One thing I know for sure about getting older is that I am in a brain fog pretty much...always!

My Doc says it's related to hormonal changes. Uhmmm... Personally, I don't think I have enough to do anymore. No more kids living at longer working...not nosey enough...Opps!

So, the obvious answer would be to get myself busier, right? Perhaps I could start a new hobby or habit or something?? You know what they say; if you don't use it, you'll lose, if anyone has any "interesting" ideas, let me know!


Another thing I know for sure...

I live in a crazy, crazy world!!

There was a time (not so long ago) when we didn't have to TEACH children how to play!! Yes, you heard me right!

I watched a news show recently where some schools are piloting a program for young children to "teach" them how to actively play! If successful, this program could be added to curriculums. Egad! What have we  become?? We are going to teach kids to be kids????

There are commercials by "ParticipACTION" to bring back play. I didn't know play was gone? Where did it go?? Why???

The ParticipAction web site says, "Kids are the REAL experts on play".

Dah! No kiddin'!

How about we just quit over-organizing our kid's time doing this and that and even more of this...and

limit, limit, LIMIT their time spent using electronic devices; then...

KICK them outside to play!


One more thing...

I know for sure that I really enjoy getting "real" Christmas cards in the mail. Yes, I do!!

Don't tell me you don't have time; you have 11 months! Or...

It costs too much; you have 11 months to save up!

I'll accept you absolutely hate doing cards and just can't be bothered, which is kinda sad...

Ecards are great, but there's just nothin' like the real McCoy!

And that's it for now...
Until next Wednesday or...
What can I say...
I'm an "Old Broad"!  LOL


  1. Write a book! That will give you something to do!!!

  2. Write a book on teaching kids to play.....haha!


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