Monday, April 15, 2013

Cereal, Crib and Memories...

We've been blessed with 3 granddaughters and 1 grandson.  We love them all. Each one means something special to us and we pray regularly for their well being and happiness. 

Lil Miss is the second oldest and often asks to come spend the weekend with Hubby and I.  Now, there was a time (long, long ago) when Hubby and I might have been considered remotely interesting and perhaps, a wee bit exciting. Huh uh... However, those times have gone wherever our youth and charm went...well, maybe not the charm!  Anyway, Lil Miss still likes hanging with Grandma & Grandpa, but...

she is about to enter the "dreaded" teens by turning 13 this month.  My prayer is that she doesn't change too much from the "old lady" she is now.  Old lady at 13???  Trust me...she is.

Lil Miss so comfortably syncs with our par...tic...u...lar quirks & habits that honestly it's like spending the weekend with some old biddy from the seniors lodge!

She seems to enjoy things such as:
  • eating cereal for supper (and brekkie and lunch)
  • competing with Grandma for the heating pad and the furry blanket
  • playing crib
  • watching whatever boring crap (mostly sports) with Grandpa
  • doing manicures/pedicures with Grandma
  • watching whatever boring crap (mostly crime dramas) with Grandma
  • playing hidden object games (snooze fest)
  • just a whole lot of boring crap Grandma & Grandpa do on a weekend
I'm sure some of our "fun" activities aren't all that much fun for her so, to save her sanity, she does spend time on Face book talking to friends, playing kid games on the iPad but...really...

wouldn'tja think it would be more fun to hang out at home with her friends?? 

But, we are delighted she enjoys our "stimulating" company as much has she does and we treasure the memories we have created and hope to continue.  But sadly, Lil Miss, like all our wonderful grandchildren will grow up, mature and change. 

It is right...

It is normal...

But oh, how I wish we could keep all of them small forever...

Toodle Loo!!