Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What this Old Broad knows for Sure...

I know for sure that as I get older I take my overall health less and less for granted. The problem is...

how can one undo years and years of abuse to oneself?? Is it even possible?? Where is the cut-off age when it's just too late and why bother??

Not that I believe I'm at that age yet, but there are some bad habits I've had for so many !%*0# years, I wonder if I were successful at changing, how much difference will it make now?

Isn't the damage already a done deal??

STOP! Slap me!! In fact...

Slap me twice!!

I'm starting to make excuses for not changing when I KNOW FOR SURE any small change will at the very least make me feel better.

At the very least...

As much has I'd like to, I know for sure I can't turn back the clock and make better choices.  A lifetime of bad habits can't be totally undone, but I can start by making one small change at a time.

One... small... change...

at a time.

I know for sure many of us are addicted to social media whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Texting, YouTube or whatever. Some signs that you may have a problem are...
  1. You text people who are in the next room.
  2. You speak in sentences with 140 characters or less.
  3. You cannot resist checking your alerts no matter what you're doing.
  4. You're at a table with friends or family and everyone is engaged in some sort of social media rather than conversing in "real" time.
  5. You know more about what's happening to people you care about through tweets, statuses, etc rather than real time contact.
  6. When you have a problem the first place you turn for advice is Facebook.
  7. You check Facebook in the morning before you do anything else.
If you answered yes to more than 3 of these questions, chances are....

Yuppers, you are addicted to social media!

I know for sure I need to make a dentist appointment, but keep delaying it.  Why?  I'm not afraid of the needles, drilling, extracting or any of that jazz.  Not afraid...but can't say I jump for joy when the dentist hauls these barbaric instruments out!

I can't use the excuse of no insurance plan as I do have a decent one, although the atrociously, high prices send me running to my doctor with heart palpitations!  No, I don't have any good excuses for procrastinating except, it just irks me to go!  Yes, irks me...
Aside from the aforementioned exorbitant costs (which do irk me) I despise when the dentist (or hygienist) lecture about my dental hygiene.
...do I brush and floss "at least" twice a day?
...do I use the most expensive (preferably theirs) toothpaste?
...do I yes an electric toothbrush?
No, I don't always brush or floss twice a day, but always "at least" once a day...sorry.
No, I don't use their toothpaste brand choice, but usually what is on sale...again sorry.
Yes, I do use an electric toothbrush, which was offered free on a bid to get new clients, but NEVER offered to me!
The other irritating, irksome, ridiculously obvious attempt to exhort more buckeroos out of me and my insurance company is when they insist I need this and that dental work done...not now...but right now!!
Plu..eeze!  When I was young and naive, I fell for this line, but now I am contented to keep the teeth the good Lord gave me!  So unless, it will relieve pain or prevent  pain...
Stick your high-priced, unnecessary orthodontic treatments "you know where"!  This is exactly one of the reasons insurance costs so much!
This I know for sure...
Ta Ta!

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