Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What this Old Broad Knows for Sure aka Wednesday's Wisdom

I know for sure that smoking is harmful to your health and anyone around you.  It wrecks your lungs, weakens your heart, slows healing and a myriad of other health issues.  Anyone over the age of five likely knows this...

I also, know for sure smoking is highly addictive (even more than heroin) and unless you're 100% committed, quitting is doubtful.  What does surprise me are the numbers of young people who are inundated with anti-smoking messages from early childhood, but still take up this very expensive, highly susceptible and unhealthy habit.

In response to this issue the Ontario Government has started an ad campaign on YouTube specifically targeting young adults who "social" smoke.  These are the guys who have deluded themselves that the rare "social" smoke is okey dokey.

Although, humorous, the idea behind these ads is to start serious discussions around the so-called "social" smoker. Supposedly they don't consider themselves "real" smokers because they don't smoke full time.  Whatever...

Personally, I believe these smokers are in denial.  It is a slippery slope and could take very little to become an addicted smoker. 

However...will these YouTube ads really be effective?  Maybe...for some...only time will tell.

 Nevertheless, I know for sure, these ads are very clever and quite funny.  Lets hope they work!

Toodle Loo Kangeroo!