Sunday, September 22, 2013

Remember... before Men-on-pause...

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"Remember when..."

"I wish I could."

"No really...when night sweats meant making mad, passionate love?"  "Being hot meant you were horny?"

"Oh dear...!"  [blush]
"When your hubby made your heart pitter patter instead causing your pacemaker to short out!?"

"No fair!"  "I don't have a pacemaker."

"Remember when you were game to do it just about anywhere?"

"And now you're game to try to stay awake!"

"Remember when you thought he was the most handsome, sexiest man alive?"

"Ahhh, yes..."

"Oh, and he thought you were a knock out?"

"I still am!"

"Huh huh...dressing young doesn't make you young."

 "Remember when spending time with a man meant a romantic evening?"

"Instead of an evening with the weather anchor!"

"Remember when it mattered how you looked?"

"And now you can't remember the last time you looked!"

"Remember when your hair was long and thick, your skin was smooth?"

" moustache is long and thick and the skin on my butt is still smooth..."

"Remember before..."
"No, but the hubby probably does."

"Remember when you could fall and not get hurt?"

 "Ahhh yes..."

"Remember when you constantly watched what you ate?"

"And now you constantly eat while you watch!"

"Ahhh yes...remember when..."