Monday, September 30, 2013

Wasting Away...

After wasting much too much time trying to figure out how to add a page to my blog and have it work properly, I decided I am a moron.  Oh, I googled, I sought help, I followed directions given, but for the life of me, I could not get the page to work like I wanted.  Soooo...

I decided to leave well enough alone and just publish my blogs all on the same page; at least until I figure out what I was doing wrong or someone else does.  I mean, it really doesn't matter and all I did was squander precious time away.  Thus...


This got me pondering how many other things I waste time doing?  Or how much time I've frittered away in my entire life on things that don't matter, no one cares about and are massive time-suckers?  Just offhand I can come up with a scary amount.  For instance...

  • unnecessary cleaning
  • channel surfing
  • Internet surfing
  • fussing over things I can't change
  • mourning past mistakes
  • reading books I didn't enjoy
  • ditto for watching movies
  • spending time with people who bore me to death

And these I thought of in 5 minutes!!  Wowzers!  This is a brutal revelation because although, I knew I wasted some time after 50+ years what if  those seconds, minutes, hours, days actually add up to years!  I don't want to know the full extent!  I could get depressed knowing...and that would be a huge time-sucker!

So, rather than dwell on time departed, I'm going to start asking myself several vital questions like:

  • it this making a positive and loving difference to anyone
  • does it feel satisfying and fulfilling
  • will it matter today, tomorrow, next year
  • does it stretch me intellectually, emotionally, physically or spiritually
  • and perhaps, most importantly, do I want to be remembered for it

If I can't say "yes" to most of these questions maybe, just maybe, there's something better I could be doing with my time...


Tha..tha...that's all folks!