Monday, May 20, 2013

Rain, Rain Go Away...

Come again another day.  No, Siree!  My version would go something like this...

Rain, rain can't you stay
Come again another day!

I love rain. 

I love the wonderful, fresh smell as it comes wafting through an open window.  I love the pitter patter sounds, especially when going to sleep.  I love how a refreshing rain will clean and brighten everything.  I love how the grass seems greener, the flowers more intense and the garden appears to grow before your very eyes.

I love rain.

I love baking on a rainy day or better, curling up with a good book.  I love the smell of freshly cut grass during a rainstorm.  And the best, the very best is a good old-fashioned thunderstorm, with big booms and amazing flashes of lightening!   Oh, the glory!

Yes, indeedy!  I love rain.  However...

As much has rain is delicious, we must have sun, too.  I definitely love a moderate, sunny day where it isn't overly hot and there is a light breeze in the air.  I love to rise early, when the air is fresh and crisp to watch an early, morning sunrise aglow with vibrant colors.  There is great pleasure in gardening or reading in the warmth of a temperate day.

Yes, indeedy!  I love a warm day.  However...

I despise extreme heat! 

I know all you sun-worshipers out there don't get it and are not affected ( at least, you say not) by extreme heat, but...

ARE YOU NUTS!!  There...I said it!  Who really likes extreme heat?? 

When I'm sweating out buckets just sitting in one place or having to lick a salt block to remain hydrated, it's too hot!

When the air is so stifling I could stir it, it's too hot!

When fans in every room are working double time and making zero to no difference, it's too hot!

When kids cook eggs with success on the sidewalk, it's too hot!

When these same kids holler to bring on the bacon (and the bagels), it's too hot!

When I can see heat waves coming off the brown, crispy lawn, it's too hot!

When I can heat a frozen dinner without a microwave, it's too hot!

And do you want to know the worst...the absolute worst??

When after having not slept decently for 3 nights, waking hourly to change dripping pj's, hiding daily in the basement with 4 fans blasting directly on me, while constantly sucking on ice chips (when not licking salt blocks); I call one of my sun worshiping, "Oh, the hotter, the better" buddies and find out...

they have spent the last 3 freakin' days, not in the inferno, but in AIR CONDITIONING!  Well...

suffice it to say...I am missing one buddy and am the proud, new owner of air conditioning!


Ta Ta!