Friday, May 17, 2013

To be Busy or not to Be...

I've recently read a few blog posts regarding the trendy use (and excuse) of the word "busy".  It got me to thinking about the subject so, I tink I must put my two or three cents in.

There isn't really anything intrinsically wrong with the word "busy".  It's just a word.  Nothing more or less...



Having a great deal to do.
Keep occupied: "she busied herself with her new home".

Being busy or being productive should be synonymous, but today's trend is to use "busy" either as a badge of honour or an excuse or both.  Conversations go something like this...

 "Heh, how are you?  I haven't seen ya for ages!"
"Oh, you know how it goes...crazy busy!"
"Yeah, what have you been up to?"
"My goodness, between work, home, school, sports and my family well... I'm just running around like crazy!"  "You know...busy, busy, busy..."

"I was hoping you could help me out next month at the church bizarre, whadya say?"

"Oh...I don't know...I'm just so crazy busy."

"We could sure use your help..."

"Well, I'd love to...I really would, but I just can't commit.  You know how it is?  I'm just soooo busy...crazy busy!

"Yadda, yadda, yakety-yak!"

Sound familiar?  Maybe just a wee, little bit?  Maybe even from yourself?  Hmmmm....

We need...must...have to...quit using being "busy"  as an excuse and some kinda emblem of our own importance.  People have been busy for eons.  As my blogger friend put it, "It's called LIFE!" 

People have had work, family, school, sports, whatever since quit using this as an excuse not to get together with friends, calling an ailing buddy, volunteering for your community, spending time with your kids, spending time with God... 

The conversation should go like this...

"Heh, how are you? Haven't seen ya in ages!"

"Same here, it is so good to see you!"  "Do you have time for coffee right now?"

"I sure do!  In fact, there is something I wanted to ask you... but you must be sooo crazy busy?"

"Nah, just the usual stuff...nothing so important that can't wait.  You know how it goes?"

"Great!  Let's go grab a coffee and catch up." 

"Yadda, yadda, yakety-yak!"

Nuff said...