Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What this Old Broad Knows for Sure aka Wednesday's Wisdom...

I was watching the news Monday night when the news anchor summed up all the happenings over the Victoria Day long weekend. Too many lost their life's and this made my heart ache for them and their loved ones.  I was praying for a fatality-free May Long, but it was not to be.

I know for sure that after a long, cold winter folks are antsy to get out camping and PAR...TY!  Queen Vic's weekend marks the beginning of the lazy days of summer and...some people go NUTS!

Too much sun and fun...too little sleep...too many cheerful beverages...  This generates a lethal storm for far too many deadly accidents. 

I wish...the natives wouldn't be so restless and take it easy and there was a way to convince the foolish that they are not immortal...


One more thing...

Aside from the news reporting on the partying and reckless behavior, a park ranger was also, interviewed.  He spoke about the exorbitant amount of garbage left behind in certain campgrounds.
Now I won't name names or point fingers, but...

This really irks me! 
How hard is it for a group to clean up after themselves?  Wouldn'tja think a mature adult would see it has normal and natural to clear the campsite of any debris?  Apparently not...

The less mature adults find it so difficult that there is currently an educational campaign in place where park rangers are required to instruct these groups about their obligation to clean up.


Is it a bunch five year old children out camping?  Do we really need to remind an adult that they are required to leave the campsite as they found it?


If this is truly the case, then I know for sure we live among many grown IDIOTS!